German citizensChange of institution: Transferring to subjects with admission restrictions beyond the first semester

Applicants must submit a formal application for subjects with admission restrictions. Applications for admission to an advanced academic semester must be submitted directly to Heidelberg University.

All students who are or were enrolled at a university in an EU member state and would like to continue to study the same subject at Heidelberg University in a higher academic semester can apply for admission as a transfer student. Students who previously studied the same subject (same name) in Germany or in an EU/EEA country are also considered transfer students.

Admission in the context of transfers (changing universities) can only ever be granted for the academic semester following the current semester in the subject the student applied for. Students can only be admitted to subjects with restricted admission in the higher semester if there is sufficient capacity in the desired subject.

The application for change of university must be submitted online via the Heidelberg University student portal. The required documents must be submitted to Heidelberg University within the stated period. In order to apply for a transfer, international applicants must submit an application to Heidelberg University by 15 January for the following summer semester or by 15 July for the following winter semester.