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Bachelor, State examination and Magister Theologiae

For all degree programs or subjects with admission restrictions and without admission restrictions in the higher semesters, an application must be submitted in due time before enrolment. After receiving a letter of admission, you can enrol at Heidelberg University within the set enrollment deadlines.

Please find out in advance whether your desired subject is admission-restricted beyond the first semester at Heidelberg University. 

Finding your subjects


Registration for admission-restricted and open-admission degree programmes

Once you have been admitted, you will be asked in your heiCO account to accept the study place within the deadline indicated there. If you do not accept the study place by the deadline, your entitlement to the study place will expire. You then apply for enrolment online and by submitting documents by post to the Student Administration Office within the enrolment period specified in the letter of admission. 

Please note that online enrolment is not (yet) available for enrolment after an exchange of university places. 

Please follow these steps to complete the enrolment process:

  • Make sure that you have all of your documents, e.g. your health insurance number at hand.
  • Complete your heiCO account with the necessary data under “Enrolment - next steps". After that, you will be able to apply for enrolment.
  • Please print out your enrolment application provided in your heiCO account, sign it, and upload the signed enrolment application to the heiCO portal. Furthermore, send the original together with all the documents required for you (see below) to:

    Heidelberg University
    Student Administration
    Seminarstr. 2
    69117 Heidelberg

Please have the following documents ready to upload as a PDF file for your enrolment:

  • University entrance qualification (e.g. German ‘Abitur’) 
    If your diploma was issued under a name you no longer hold, please also submit a respective official certificate detailing your name change.
    If you acquired your university entrance qualification abroad, please submit the diploma and the certificate detailing equivalence with a German university entrance qualification as well as the determined average grade (available from the Regional Council Stuttgart) - all documents must be officially certified copies.
  • 1 passport photo
  • Identity card/passport
  • Proof of health insurance 
    In addition, please have your health insurance data ready and enter your data in heiCO during enrolment.
    Basically, the transmission of your insurance status takes place electronically. After entering your data in heiCO, you must always - even if you are privately insured - contact a statutory, German health insurance company and apply for the “Meldegrund M10 für die Universität Heidelberg” under the university number H0003588.  This process takes up to 5 working days. Enrolment will not take place until the electronic transmission of the statutory health insurance has taken place. Please note that in case your health insurance details have changed from the moment you entered the data up to the notification from your health insurance company (or if there are any errors in the data you have entered), the “Meldung M10” overrides the previous information. Thus, you don't have to ask the University to correct the information that you entered during your application process. 
    In return, the university notifies the health insurance companies of the beginning and - later - the end of your studies.
  • For sports: proof of having passed the sports entrance examination
  • For enrolment in the practical year (Medicine): Acceptance letter or an e-mail from the PY platform confirming your reservation 
  • In the case of a change from or after the 3rd subject semester, proof of the subject-related student advisory service
  • Any further documents and certificates mentioned in your letter of admission/ your heiCO account

If you have previously enrolled at another German higher education institution, you must also submit your application online:

  • Detailed certificate of exmatriculation from the most-recently attended university.
    Detailed exmatriculation certificate means that the enrolment period (start/end of your studies) as well as the degree programme (subject/subject semester/graduation, possibly changes, leave of absence) are proven - should one or more of these details not be included on the exmatriculation certificate, you can provide these in addition to the exmatriculation certificate by means of other corresponding proof from the higher education institution, e.g. course of studies certificate/enrolment certificate, etc.
  • All examination certificates related to previous enrolments
  • Proof of the successfully completed intermediate examination or of deadline extension for the respective semester in the case of enrolment in 7th academic semester or higher - in all subjects.
  • Proof of the completed the orientation examination. Enrolment in the 4th academic semester and higher academic semesters where students have not completed the intermediate examination requires submission of the successfully completed orientation examination or proof of deadline extension for the respective semester.  Please contact the orientation examination officer or the subject’s academic advisor(s) for more information.

After entering your data in heico, please also submit the following documents by post:

  • Application for enrolment with original signature
  • All certificates (e.g. school leaving certificate, university degree,...) in officially certified form and, if applicable, with an officially certified translation by a sworn translator.
  • Any further documents and certificates mentioned in your letter of admission/ your heiCO account

Please send them to the following address:

University of Heidelberg
Student Administration
Seminarstr. 2
69117 Heidelberg

Please note that the documents to be submitted by post for your enrolment must be received by Heidelberg University within the specified enrolment deadline.

Contributions and Fees

Information on the semester fees and the additional tuition fees, if applicable, can be found on the homepage under ‘Contributions and Fees’. 

You can find the tuition fee applying to you, your personal reason for payment as well as the status of your tuition fees in your heiCO account by clicking on “Semester/tuition fees”. 

Picking up your student ID card

Once you are enrolled, you will receive an e-mail informing you that you can pick up your student ID card at the earliest five working days after receipt and activation of the Uni-ID exclusively in person and upon presentation of an official photo ID (e.g. ID card or passport) at the University Administration. Please note that the student ID is allocated at the earliest from 1 February for the summer semester and at the earliest from 1 August for the winter semester. 

Enrolment or change of degree programme?

Please note: If you are already enrolled at Heidelberg University, you are not required to re-enrol. In this case, it is sufficient to just change the degree programme. Please apply for the change of degree programme via heiCO and take into consideration the deadlines applicable for your programme.