Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural StudiesEducation Studies with a Focus on Organisational Development

The degree programme in Education Studies with a Focus on Organisational Development provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for designing individual, group, and organisational education, including system development, within a variety of educational settings, particularly for schools, businesses, and continuing education institutions and at a variety of levels (individual, group, team, organisational and system).

The specialisation provided by this degree programme is a response to current and future critical changes in the education system. Schools are facing significant restructuring tasks, especially in view of the trend towards strengthening the autonomy of individual schools. In response to changing educational interests, funding structures, and administrative trends, the continuing education market is undergoing constant change.

The education sector must place particular emphasis on helping leaders – e.g. school principals, continuing education administrators, staff development specialists – to develop the requisite skills for fulfilling their management tasks.

Special Features and Characteristics

The education provided in the degree programme is based upon theoretical contributions and empirical findings from German and international studies of individual educational processes, group development processes, and system development in organisations. Significant emphasis is placed on an international comparison of cross-level innovation and transformation processes in the education system. 


Research at the Institute of Education Studies focuses on the following topics: 

  • Skills 
  • Institutions 
  • Counselling 
  • Educational participation and outcomes 

Two research areas are of primary importance: 

  • Educational processes within schools 
  • Continuing education and counselling within the context of life-long learning

Occupational Areas

Graduates of the degree programme pursue careers in the area of continuing education, as university instructors or school teachers, in educational research, in administration, or as counsellors. 


I study education studies with a focus on organisational development because I would like to work in HR and organisation development. I chose Heidelberg, because, in comparison to other MA programmes, the degree programme at Heidelberg University is extremely practice-oriented.

Alina Steinhilber, 23, Education studies with a focus on organisational development, 3rd semester Master