Talks and events for new studentsTalks and events for new students - winter semester 2022/2023

In the two weeks prior to the beginning of the lecture period and before the official start of the semester, all new students are invited to participate in a comprehensive and diverse programme of talks and events. Find out more about Heidelberg University, get tips and tricks to help you settle in at the start of semester, and make sure you’ve got everything you need to get to grips with studying!

Neue Universität

Please note:

All talks and events will be held in German.

Talks and Events


Welcome from the University Rector!
Students starting their course in the 2022/2023 winter term are invited to attend the Rector’s welcome session in October 2022.

Monday, 17th October 2022,
10 am


Enrolled – Now What?
Who can help answer any other questions I have about studying in Heidelberg? What does Heidelberg University have to offer alongside my studies?

This online information session consists of three parts, and will provide you with general information about the most important university services (Student Administration, advisory services, libraries, University Computing Centre, Student Services Organisation etc.), student services (wifi access, university email address, student identity card, certificates, re-registration etc.), leisure activities coordinated by the University (university sports, language courses, events organised by the student services organisation etc.), and interest groups.

Friday, 7th October 2022,
1 pm - 2 pm

Neue Universität

The University Library (UB) for Beginners - An Overview of Library Services
How do I register at the University Library and take books out on loan? How do I use the reading room at the University Library and how do I conduct effective research using the library catalogue (HEIDI)? The presentation will give you an overview of the most important library services and will point you towards supplementary assistance and courses.

Thursday, October 6th 2022,
10 am - 11 am

Dr. Martin Nissen

Overcoming the Challenges of Studying
Starting university is time of great change. This presentation will highlight the key challenges of starting university and offers useful tips to help you get off to a good start in your studies at Heidelberg.

Thursday, 13th October 2022,
10 am - 11 am

Dr. phil. Frank-Hagen Hofmann

Möglichkeiten zur Studienfinanzierung
Wie finanziere ich mein Studium am besten? BAföG, Stipendium, Kredit oder Nebenjob? Dieser Vortrag bietet einen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten, erklärt in Kürze wie Sie BAföG beantragen können und hilft bei den verschiedenen Anforderungen nicht die Übersicht zu verlieren.


Inklusives Studieren

Wie kann ich erfolgreich trotz Behinderung oder chronischer Erkrankung studieren? Welche Angebote und Unterstützung gibt es?


Tuesday, 11th October 2022,
10 am  - 11 am

Team Inklusives Studieren

Fitness programmes of heiMOVE and Univital

The fitness programmes of heiMOVE and Univital offer many ways of staying active when starting out at university. On our YouTube channel there are over 70 cost-free videos full of challenges and workouts, to name but a few. It is also worth taking a look at our websites – there you will find a large selection of sports and health-related options.



Get some exercise – particularly in your (online) study course

This presentation will talk about ways and means of getting sufficient physical exercise, specifically in a hybrid study format. It will show how an “active break” can enhance concentration and receptivity and also make you feel better.

next date in WiSe 23/24

In control in online classes: keeping confident and quick-witted at a video conference

Do you feel uncomfortable in video conferences and hesitate although you would like to say something? Should you turn on your camera although most of the others have turned theirs off? And what if you are struck dumb by someone’s silly remark? In this presentation you will learn how you can best prepare yourself for these situations and stay cool throughout the video call.

next date in WiSe 23/24

Podcast Mädchen

Studying during Corona

Making new friends, and getting back into the lecture hall - these are things that due to the pandemic, are only possible to a limited degree for students in any academic semester. Online teaching has become the new normal. With the input of colleagues from the Central Student Advisory Office, we’ll discuss ways to establish a routine, deal with challenges, and make the most of self-help strategies to ensure a successful course of studies during these extraordinary times.

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