Talks and events for new studentsTalks and events for new students - Semester 2021/22

In the two weeks prior to the beginning of the lecture period and before the official start of the semester, all new students are invited to participate in a comprehensive and diverse programme of talks and events. Find out more about Heidelberg University, get tips and tricks to help you settle in at the start of semester, and make sure you’ve got everything you need to get to grips with studying!

Neue Universität

Please note:

All talks and events will be held in German.


Information on the ceremonial Welcome from the University Rector and the New Student Fair, scheduled for the beginning of the Winter Semester in October 2021, will be made available shortly.

Question and Answer Session for New Students


How does the semester ticket for public transport work? How do I take books out on loan? Which university cafeteria has the best coffee? With the help of an academic advisor and a Heidelberg student, we’ll answer all of your questions about getting started in Heidelberg in this live question and answer session.

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Studying Effectively as a New Student


In this online talk, one of the University’s academic advisors gives helpful tips and explains psychological strategies to help you keep motivated and structure your learning effectively, so you’ll be able to breeze through your studies.

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The University Library (UB) for Beginners - An Overview of Library Services


How do I register at the University Library and take books out on loan? How do I use the reading room at the University Library and how do I conduct effective research using the library catalogue (HEIDI)? The presentation will give you an overview of the most important library services and will point you towards supplementary assistance and courses.

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Who can help answer any other questions I have about studying in Heidelberg? What does Heidelberg University have to offer alongside my studies?

This online information session consists of three parts, and will provide you with general information about the most important university services (Student Administration, advisory services, libraries, University Computing Centre, Student Services Organisation etc.), student services (wifi access, university email address, student identity card, certificates, re-registration etc.), leisure activities coordinated by the University (university sports, language courses, events organised by the student services organisation etc.), and interest groups.

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Mental Balance in Stressful Times

What can I do if I am constantly stressed and even the smallest things upset me? Or if I struggle to wind down after a hard day?
In this lecture, you will learn where stress comes from, identify and analyse your personal stressors and learn how to interrupt and positively influence the stress cycle - so that you can regain your balance

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Build a routine for successful online study

How do I get into a good routine and structure my day effectively? How do I organise and motivate myself? How do I connect with others if there aren’t any in-person courses and lectures? How can I make the most of the advantages of online learning? This online presentation provides you with tips and tricks to help you optimise your (online) semester.

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Looking forward: strategies for navigating uncertain times

How can I learn to cope with uncertainty? How can I develop sustainable behaviours that help me keep calm? This presentation will offer tips to help you cope with uncertainty and strengthen your resilience and self-efficacy.

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Take it easy – keeping calm as a perfectionist

Is your paper almost done but you keep finding another sentence to rewrite? Is this the hundredth time that you have checked the slides for your presentation? Do you struggle to let go and complete a task?
In this lecture, we will take a closer look at “perfectionism” and its effects on various areas of your life. We will also give you suggestions on how to deal with expectations for yourself in everyday life.

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Podcast Mädchen

Studying during Corona (DE)

Neue Freundschaften schließen oder die Rückkehr in den Hörsaal - das bleibt den Studierenden aller Semester pandemiebedingt weiterhin verwehrt. Anstelle dessen wird die Online-Lehre zur neuen Normalität. Im Gespräch mit Mitarbeiterinnen der Zentralen Studienberatung sprechen wir über Routinebildung, Herausforderungen und Selbsthilfemanöver für ein erfolgreiches Studium im Online-Format.

Overcoming the Challenges of Studying


Starting university is time of great change. This presentation will highlight the key challenges of starting university and offers useful tips to help you get off to a good start in your studies at Heidelberg.

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Before the beginning of the lecture period, you will receive information about the structure of the Bachelor’s degree programme for prospective teachers, tips on how to organise your studies and will have the opportunity to meet and talk to other first-semester students.

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Takes place online, the link will be available here shortly before the event.

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