Semester Events ProgramSupport Initiative for German Schools Abroad and Partner Schools (BIDS)

Since 2008, the University of Heidelberg has been participating in the program “BetreuungsInitiative Deutsche Auslands- und Partnerschulen” (BIDS) initiated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Ever since we have established partnerships with about 30 schools worldwide.

As part of the Heidelberg BIDS program students as well as graduates of German schools abroad who are interested in studying at the University of Heidelberg or are already studying in Heidelberg receive special information and support.

We are happy to inform schools, teachers and student groups about the possibility of visiting Heidelberg University or taking part in a trial course.

Once per semester, the University of Heidelberg awards motivational scholarships to international graduates of German schools abroad. The scholarships are aimed at first-year students.

We offer international first-year students and international students a comprehensive support program at the beginning and during their studies at the University of Heidelberg.

Heidelberg University is represented several times a year at local education fairs held by various German schools abroad, welcomes groups of pupils interested in studying in Heidelberg, and organizes trial study weeks three times a year to provide information about the courses on offer and the university.

A number of alumni of German schools abroad who are now studying at Heidelberg University also act as mentors and are happy to share their experiences with students and graduates of the partner schools who are interested in studying.

A brochure specially designed for graduates of German schools abroad provides information about the various application procedures, about the university, about studying and about life in Heidelberg.

Further questions?

For questions and concerns of students, teachers, student advisors and graduates of German schools abroad and partner schools about the application, study or stay in Heidelberg, Anna Kloppenburg is available as a personal contact in the International Relations Office.