IDeFix is the name of the theatre group of the Institut für Deutsch als Fremdsprachenphilologie (IDF) and the International Relations Office. We want to encourage all students interested in theatre to take the stage. We believe that acting is one of the most spirited, joy-filled and effective ways to learn German and experience the language in all its facets.

Theatreworkshop IDeFix - Training of communicative and rhetorical skills for University and professional life via the medium of theatre

The theatrical training extends over two semesters. This basic course covers the fundamental techniques of acting for the theatre. Training in articulation and intonation will be honed through scene performance, with an emphasis on speech exercises. During the following summer semester, we will prepare a production for public performance.


Led by:Joachim Bürkert
Time: Introduction: Tuesday, 15 October 2019, 4 – 6 pm
Location:Institut für Deutsch als Fremdsprachenphilologie, Plöck 55, room 010