Services, Projects and Initiatives for Refugees at Heidelberg University

For refugees interested in academic programmes

General information

Prospective students interested in studying at Heidelberg University can find information on programmes and the application process on the service portal for international students. Drop-ins are welcome during office hours.

Personal advisory services

Refugees can obtain guidance tailored to their individual situation from the International Relations Division. You can come during open office hours or schedule an individual appointment. See column on the right for contact information and office hours. Institutions, networks and volunteer assistants with questions about university study may also contact the division office.

German courses

The International Study Centre of Heidelberg University offers pre-study German courses. For refugees who wish to study in Baden-Württemberg, a limited number of courses (funded by the INTEGRA program of the DAAD) are available free of charge for the winter semester 2022/23. For more information, contact the International Study Centre directly or the International Relations Division (see the column on the right for contact information.

Guest auditor programme

Certain activities are also open to non-enrolled guest auditors. There are no special prerequisites to qualify for the guest auditor programme. Registration is required and free for refugees. Admission-restricted courses cannot be audited.

Hardship Payment

In sudden financial difficulties, the Student Council can provide a short-term hardship payment for students, also if they still are in a preparatory course (German language course, Studienkolleg or Preliminary Induction Semester).

WELCOME Programme

In the DAAD-funded WELCOME Programme, Heidelberg students lend newcomers a helping hand. They can help new students get started, answer everyday social questions and help navigate administrative channels. They also introduce new arrivals to the cultural side of student life in Heidelberg.

Psychosocial counselling

Heidelberg student union's psychosocial counselling for students also provides refugees with their services. It offers help and advice in social and psychological conflict situations.

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