Call for PapersSelf-Regulation and Regulation in the COVID-19 pandemic

Considering the sudden life-altering, short- and likely long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Journal of Self-Regulation and Regulation seeks to quickly review and publish quality papers addressing COVID-19 and (self-)regulatory processes in individuals, organizations and societies.

The pandemic poses novel health risks, unexpected situations as well as extensive restrictions and lockdowns, resulting in individuals, families, organizations, communities, societies, and politics being faced with a multitude of demands and decisions that involve self-regulation and regulation (e.g., effects of social distancing, restricted daily life routines,  regulation and allocation of resources, rapid adaption of legislation, impact on decision making and risk perception on individual and policy level). 

The purpose of this Special Issue about “Self-Regulation and Regulation in the COVID-19 pandemic” is to provide an overview about the latest research on effects of COVID-19 on self-(regulation) by taking a multi-perspective view and bringing together current research from different disciplines within social sciences and law. To ensure relevance beyond COVID-19, we expect all submissions to discuss the implications of their findings beyond the current crisis in some manner.

We welcome contributions from researchers in social sciences and law that address perspectives of a) how COVID-19 and its widespread implications (such as social distancing, school closures and changes of the law) affect the self-regulative capacities of individuals, organizations and societies; b) how regulatory processes due to COVID-19 shape social perceptions and behavior; and c) which long-term effects of these (self)regulatory shifts might follow at different levels. Theoretical and empirical studies aiming to elucidate these aspects will be considered. 

Manuscripts should be between 2000-3000 words and will be peer-reviewed. Submissions for this call will be received through July 31st 2020. Authors are asked to use the online submission system.

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