Call for proposalsFoF4 Core Facilities


Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) provides funding via the CORE FACILITIES call to promote core facility development. Building on existing infrastructure, core facilities can realize synergies, contributing thus to the aims of the university excellence strategy and providing broad access to the facilities / measures. Funding may be used for equipment, consumables, or other measures to improve the facility’s infrastructure or a project funded by FoF4 and thus the usefulness to the FoF4 community. The measures may also be linked to the FoF4-CNSR or result from projects already funded by the FoF4.

Maximum Amount Of Funding

The amount available in this funding line is a maximum of 250.000 Euro and depends on the availability of funds in 2021 (conditional approval). Individual equipment may cost maximally 200.000 Euro brutto within this financial scope. Procurements have to be completed (purchased, fully spent, and booked) before December 10th, 2021.


For successful proposals, the added value of the specific measure for the FoF4 community has to be documented, and a list of potential users needs to be included. 

If the application includes equipment or measurement technologies, please provide a detailed implementation plan for the envisaged technology, including a valid quotation/budget plan, the long-term perspective for successful operation, and explain how sustainability is ensured, i.e., how the new technology platform or the new instrument or service will continue to operate after the FoF4 Excellence Strategy funds have been used up. 

Funding for room and potential maintenance costs cannot be covered and must be provided by the applicant(s). 

Applications that can demonstrate co-funding through other sources are highly welcome, the sum of combined funds may not exceed 200.000 EUR brutto for equipment.
Proposals may be submitted by all members of the FoF4 community. But the newly purchased equipment will have to be acquired by - and belong to – the FoF4.

Review And Quality Control

The applications received are subjected to a rating process, a priority list is created that is processed until the available funds are used up (conditional approval). On this basis, the Research Council will select proposals for funding suggestion to the Rectorate. Regular reporting to the Research Council will be expected.


The deadline for proposal submission is October 20th, 2021. Procurements have to be completed (purchased, fully spent, and booked) before December 10th, 2021. Proposals should be sent in a single pdf and with the subject line “FoF4-CORE-FACILITIES 2021” to:


Proposals submitted after the deadline cannot be taken into account. Please address your proposal to the Research Council Field of Focus 4. Please contact Silvia Huber-Grahl via email in case of questions: