Call for proposalsCall for Bridging-Project FoF4 and FI EMS

Following-up on a joint workshop of FoF4 and FI EMS on “Regulation and Decision-Making in Collectives”, the Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) “Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Societies” and the Flagship Initiative Engineering Molecular Systems (FI EMS) call for a project bringing together the research fields and disciplines of EMS and FoF4.

The Bridging-Project aims to foster and/or recruit a talented postdoc researcher with great potential from Heidelberg University or the international research community.The grant will cover one postdoc position for two years and material expenses up to 20.000 € p.a. The grant also includes the request to host an interdisciplinary workshop on the project topic.

Applications can be handed in by at least two or more scientists from FoF4 and EMS disciplines at Heidelberg University (at least one of FoF4 and one of EMS disciplines) proposing for a postdoc position on an interdisciplinary project which bridges FoF4 and EMS. The postdoc should aim to acquire an ERC-Grant, Emmy Noether-Group or similar and should address research questions at the interdisciplinary intersections between FI EMS and FoF4.

General examples for project content could be:

  • neural networks e.g. living vs. synthetic
  • machine learning vs. human learning
  • acceptance of new technologies (individuals, societies, collectives)
  • required laws and regulations for new innovations and interventions

Scope and duration of funding

Funding for one postdoc position for two years and material expenses up to 20.000 € p.a.

Funding period: two years

Funding start: preferably not later than October 2023


Proposal has to be submitted by at least two members of Heidelberg University, one from EMS disciplines and one from FoF4

  • Proposal: maximum 4 pages including abstract (approx. 2500 characters), affiliation of applicants, project/work description and research aim for the postdoc position, description how the project is embedded in Heidelberg University’s Excellence Strategy,
  • CV (4 pages max.) of each applicant and CV (4 pages max.) of potential postdoc and statement of applicants to provide lab facilities and working environment for the postdoc.
  • budget plan (1 page max.) especially for the material expenses and a rough estimation for the required workshop

Deadline:  June 15th 2023

Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated by the Research Council of FoF4 and the FI EMS Board and proposed for funding to the rectorate.

Application submission and questions: Please send them by email to the FI EMS and the FoF4 committee’s office at fi-ems@uni-heidelberg.de and fof4@uni-heidelberg.de.