Field of Focus III - Funded ProjectsSeals, Stamps and Administration

Digitizing Bureaucracy – Preserving Cultural Heritage (Workshop)

Project leader

Kristina Sieckmeyer (Uruk-Warka-Sammlung)


The international workshop "Seals, Sealings and Administration: Digitizing Bureaucracy – Preserving Cultural Heritage" brought together scholars from a wide range of disciplines in a discussion on digitization strategies and innovative ways of preserving and presenting Cultural Heritage. In focusing on administrative resources such as seals, stamps and coins the two-day event offered the possibility for a cross-disciplinary and cross-epochal dialogue. The discussion of different projects and research approaches provided numerous impulses for future digitization strategies and their implementation. The results of the workshop will be incorporated into the design of the antiquities collections gathered under the umbrella of the Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage–HCCH and thus made available to a broader audience.

Once more, the interdisciplinary exchange highlighted the importance of visibility and accessibility of cultural assets. Cultural Heritage is constantly being threatened by violent conflicts and climatic catastrophes. It is precisely in this context that education about the value and significance of Cultural Heritage and the provision of reliable information in this field play an increasingly important role. This was especially highlighted by the contributions from the criminology and criminal archaeology sections.

The publication of the workshop results, scheduled for 2020, and the implementation of innovative concepts in the antiquities collections will contribute to the transfer of knowledge into society and raise awareness for the discussions concerning Cultural Heritage and its needs.


Contact: kristina.sieckmeyer@ori.uni-heidelberg.de