Field of Focus III - Funded projectsPatterns in Language and Cognition, Culture and Nature – Emergence and Mobility

Project leader:

Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse (English department)

Funding line:

Language, Cognition, Culture


Starting out from linguistic research on patterns, pattern creation, pattern deviation and pattern change, as conducted, for example, in diachronic or cognitive linguistics, the intention of this project is to bring into contact different academic cultures on pattern research.

The different conceptualisations of patterns, pattern creation, deviation, and mobility in the different research paradigms shall be identified and several sub-projects shall be developed, in which those areas that work with similar conceptions of patterns are united, with the aim of developing an interdisciplinary classification system of pattern types as well as interdisciplinary methods of pattern identification. Representatives of research areas with similar pattern conceptions will then untertake a digital modelling of structures of pattern creation and pattern change. The overarching aim of this project is to establish a research unit on “Patterns in language and cognition, culture and nature – emergence and mobility” and to prepare a grant application for either an extensive research network, a Collaborative Research Centre or an ERC-grant.