Heidelberg Center for Digital HumanitiesNews

December 2022

  • The first cooperation partners were found with the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the OPERAS-GER project, a project to network the European research infrastructure OPERAS in the German scientific landscape. More information on this can be found in the 'Cooperation partners' section.
  • The series of events for projects in the field of DH in Heidelberg as well as for the presentation and networking of cooperation partners could be filled with the first contributions and is constantly being expanded. You can find all further information in the 'Events' section.
  • The board of the centre could be established in an expanded form for the HCDH, starting from the HFDH. Barbara Mittler was recruited as executive director. More details can be found in the sections 'Board of Directors' and 'Executive Directorate'.
  • The Heidelberg Center for Digital Humanities (HCDH) was founded and is in the process of being established and restructured from the previous forum.