Field of Focus IResearch Council

Molecular Foundations of Life, Health and Disease

In 2008 the University of Heidelberg, in line with its institutional strategy, founded the Heidelberg Molecular Life Science initiative.

The Research Council has been established in order to serve as a cross-institutional platform that

  • bundles and coordinates research developments in the life sciences and optimizes the flow of information between all parties.
  • supports the formation and further development of technologies by means of financial participation, coordinating technical portfolios of different institutions on the Heidelberg Life Science Campus and by enabling a better visibility for all researchers in Heidelberg-Mannheim.
  • provides new ideas for the development of concepts which strengthen the research site while taking into account the particular profiles of all three participating faculties and the partner institutes DKFZ, EMBL and Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research.

The Excellence Cluster CellNetworks has taken on the task to function as an umbrella platform for core facilities.

The Research Council consists of representatives of the life science institutions. The members have been elected or nominated by their institution in spring 2020.


Prof. Dr. Jan Lohmann


Deputy Spokesperson

Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager


Scientific Managing Director

Dr. Andrea Leibfried


Meeting Dates

The Field of Focus 1 / HMLS Research Council will meet 4.30—6.30pm on:

  • July 18 2024
  • September 19 2024 – online
  • October 17 2024
  • November 21 2024 – online
  • January 30 2025
  • March 27 2025 – online
  • May 8 2025