Field of Focus IProjects

The Research Council aims at enabling interdisciplinary, cross-institutional collaborations. It provides funds to support emerging topics, the development of new technologies, and to strengthen the research infrastructure to make important contributions to modern biology and molecular medicine. Several Field of Focus 1 projects receive financial support in the framework of the Excellence Strategy. Calls for proposals are published annually and applications undergo a peer review and evaluation process.

Thematic Research Networks

Thematic Research Networks (TRNs) foster inter- and transdisciplinary communication. Their primary goals are to harness Heidelberg's broad synergy potential as a research location, to allow the identification of new interdisciplinary research schemes and to enable collaborations with Fields of Focus 2–4.


The projects „The synthetic embryo“ and „ Development of a scalable platform to resolve asymmetric cell division across biological levels“ have been receiving support since 2020. Both projects are based on new collaborations with EMBL researchers. The projects are interdisciplinary and build bridges to Field of Focus 2.

The project „START-HD: Spatially resolved transcriptomics in Heidelberg“ has been receiving support since 2020. Researchers of EMBL, DKFZ and Heidelberg University are jointly establishing a new method in Heidelberg.

Core Facilities

The Field of Focus 1 Research Council supports the development of technological facilities (Core Facilities) through financing and advisory service. An annual call provides support for specific equipment or measures.