Core FacilityDeep Sequencing Facility

The Deep Sequencing Core Facility was established in September 2010 to provide the Neuenheimer Feld Campus with access to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). We provide the possibility to construct libraries for sequencing with the focus not only on the „standard“ application but on the establishment of custom protocols which can be of benefit to the entire campus.

Sequencing is available on a variety of instruments all based on the Illumina Sequencing by Synthesis technology, i.e. NGS Library Preparation or Single Cell Library Preparation for 10x Chromium NGS Sequencing. In addition to library preparation and sequencing we also help with planning sequencing experiments and offer advice on projects.

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Project Request

All researchers of the University of Heidelberg, DKFZ, EMBL and MPImF are welcome to request help or place orders for Next Generation Sequencing analyses. Projects funded through company funding unfortunately cannot be accepted.

Illustrated Service Request Timeline with 6 steps: 1. First Contact via Email to david.ibberson@uni-heidelberg.de, 2. Research Plan: Setting Project aims, 3. Online Request via iLab (see Button “Ordering&Billing” on Website), 4. Sample Submission: Samples are submitted according to guidelines, 5. Lab Work: Measurements are performed / Methods are developed, 6. Analysis results: results are sent out.

Before sample submission please:

  • follow the steps of our sample submission guide with specified requirements for different sample types (download document).
  • read carefully the iLabs sample registration guideline (download document)
  • see our end-user license agreement (EULA; download PDF) for more general information on the Deep Sequencing Core Facility's services as well as users' rights and duties. New customers are requested to bring a signed copy of the EULA when submitting the first sample set.

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M.Sc. David Ibberson
Head of Facility

Deep Sequencing Lab BQ 40
INF 267
69120 Heidelberg

Office: +49 6221 54 51359 / Rm 542
Lab: +49 6221 54 51369 / Rm 606



Bianka Berki
Spatial Omics Specialist


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Selection of recent publications with significant contribution of the Deep Sequencing Facility

Funding Resources

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