CAREER SUPPORTAdvancing Career Tracks

The Research Council of Field of Focus 1 - Molecular Foundations of Life, Health, and Disease / Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences provides several lines of career support for non-tenured researchers via its Advancing Career Tracks (ACT) programme.

JUNIOR PI Networking

The representatives of junior researchers, Sergio Acebron and Arica Beisaw, are organizing interest groups and networking possibilities to allow exchanging experiences and ideas. Junior group leaders are invited to subscribe to the email list to stay informed about and be involved in such activities. Please send an email to listserv@listserv.uni-heidelberg.de with the following content: SUBSCRIBE JUNIOR-PI-LIFESCI-FOF1-NETWORK Firstname Lastname

We will also inform you about official mentorship programmes and new career support lines of the university via this email list.

Mentorship FOR non-tenured research group leaders

If you are seeking mentorship, please get in touch with the Research Council for match-making with highly engaged tenured professors/staff:


Coaching for post-docs and non-tenured group leaders

Non-tenured investigators sometimes encounter unforeseeable difficulties, for which an ad hoc outside view / coaching provides immediate support of great value. The Field of Focus 1 Research Council thus encourages non-tenured investigators to seek help from their peers and mentors and from coaching experts.

Non-tenured researchers in the life sciences may be eligible for coaching sessions offered by the University (see link below); Otherwise, non-tenured researchers can apply via the ACT programme for funding of coaching sessions at any time. Costs can be covered for up to three coaching sessions. If requests exceed the funds available, the Research Council will establish a priority list.

Queries for support can be made in writing to:


Queries will be treated confidentially. A strictly confidential coach-coachee match-making can be facilitated within the scope of existing capacities via the Department 5.3 of the university. 

Funding options for group leaders

Please subscribe to the email list to stay informed about important calls or funding options specifically targeted to junior PIs in the life sciences. To subscribe, please send an email to listserv@listserv.uni-heidelberg.de with the following content: SUBSCRIBE JUNIOR-PI-LIFESCI-FOF1-NETWORK Firstname Lastname 


Support options

There are excellent career support programmes for Field of Focus 1 researchers. Please ask your head of institute/department and see the following websites for further information:


heiTRACKS CAREER support

The central university services support early-career researchers through a variety of programmes and courses.

Contact for Feedback, Questions & Requests

All members of Field of Focus 1, including junior group leaders, are welcome to provide feedback, questions or requests to the Research Council.

If you have suggestions or issues that should be brought to the attention of the Research Council, please contact Sergio Acebron or Arica Beisaw, the representatives of junior researchers in the Research Council. Please also reach out to them for questions or feedback regarding networking:

Dr. Sergio Acebron: sergio.acebron@cos.uni-heidelberg.de

Dr. Arica Beisaw: arica.beisaw@cardioscience.uni-heidelberg.de

Alternatively, please contact Andrea Leibfried, managing director of the Field of Focus 1 Research Council:

Dr. Andrea Leibfried: andrea.leibfried@bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de