Field of Focus III - Funded ProjectsDigital Tsingtau Archive

German Soldies in Japanese War Captivity During World War I

Projekt leader

Dr. Takuma Melber (HCTS)


The research project „Digital Tsingtao-Archive: German soldiers in wartime captivity during World War I“  aims for the collection, digitalisation and analysis of private collections of former German combatants who became Prisoners of War (POW) in Japan from late 1914 to spring 1920 after the fall of Tsingtao.

So far, more than 150 private persons contributed to the project; already more than 6.000 digital scans and database entries can be accessed. For doing this please contact the project leader Dr. Takuma Melber. The project cooperates with national and international partners such as the International Maritime Museum Hamburg, the Sieboldmuseum in Würzburg, the Naruto German House (Tokushima Prefecture, Japan) or the City of Narashino (Chiba Prefecture, Japan).

Various publications, presentations and further activities, e.g. museum exhibitions about ‘German Colonial History in the Asia-Pacific Region’, to be expected for 2020/2021.