Excellence StrategyFlagship Initiative: Transforming Cultural Heritage

First call for proposals for HeiCONNECT (2020)

This call is part of the implementation of Heidelberg University's Excellence Strategy. The aim of the research taking place within the framework of the flagship initiative Transforming Cultural Heritage is to consistently combine the approaches and disciplines of the humanities with those of the economic, social, empirical behavioral and legal sciences in order to facilitate innovative and transformative research processes in the field of cultural heritage. The focus will be on the topic-driven modification of existing research approaches and the development of new methods in theory and practice.

Focal points of the flagship initiative "Transforming Cultural Heritage"

  • Negotiation and decision making processes in relation to cultural heritage
  • Cultural heritage as a dynamic concept
  • Documenting, securing and protecting cultural heritage
  • Cultural heritage, social cohesion/conflict and identity
  • Cultural heritage in a globalized world
  • Cultural heritage between language and society
  • Cultural heritage – reception and tradition
  • Cultural heritage and the social transfer of values


Subject of funding

Funding will be provided for excellent young academics in a ‘phase of transition’ of their career, e.g. after their doctorate, habilitation or after completion of a project phase. The aim of the funding is to provide start-up funding to develop outstanding research projects in order to successfully apply for third-party funding within the thematic funding lines of the flagship initiative Transforming Cultural Heritage.

The projects should conform to the focal points mentioned above. An inter- and transdisciplinary orientation of the projects is desired; participation in the activities of the flagship initiative is expected.

Type of funding: For each project one postdoctoral position will be awarded (E13 or E14, 100%). The funding runs for one year (or for a maximum of 1 1⁄2 years in justified exceptional cases) and is intended as start-up funding. It is expected that the third-party funding format to be applied for is clearly stated in the application. A maximum of €10,000.00 material and auxiliary funds will be available for each project per year. An explanation of intended use must be attached and the place of use for planned equipment purchases must be stated.

Researchers from Heidelberg University with a doctorate are eligible to apply. The funds can be applied for one's own person or for an employee. Persons who are not employed at Heidelberg University at the time of application may apply as co-applicants together with eligible researchers from Heidelberg University.


Required information

  • Project title
  • Project summary (max. 1500 characters)
  • Objective and status of research (max. 2500 characters)
  • Own preparatory work (max. 2500 characters)
  • Comprehensive explanation of project (max. 5000 characters)
  • Expected result (name of the third-party funding format to be applied for) (max. 2500 characters)
  • Time schedule and work plan
  • Statement of expenditure on staff and materials (for rates of pay, please consult Michaela Böttner
  • Information on applicant (CV, relevant list of publications)

Proposal deadline

Applications must be submitted in electronic form by 10/01/2020 (summarized in one PDF document) to


Applications submitted at a later date and applications in paper form will be excluded from the evaluation process. A decision on the funding is expected by the end of January 2020. If you have any questions regarding the call for proposals, please contact :

Michaela Böttner
Phone +49 6221 54-3615