Self-Reflection Tool (SRT) for Students

The Self-Reflection Tool (SRT) is an anonymous online tool that helps students to structure and reflect on their learning situation. It also offers personalised feedback and, if necessary, information on support and advising measures at Heidelberg University.

Self Reflection Tool

Support and Assistance

Please note that this video is unfortunately only available in German.

How am I feeling in my programme?

This is the main guiding question of the SRT. It can help you identify why you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your programme. Once you have identified the contributing factors, you can reflect upon which areas you can potentially actively influence.

How does this work?

Our own perception of situations can greatly differ from how other people see things. Therefore, you will receive feedback for each set of judgements comparing your responses with the average responses of other students. Furthermore, you can request information and suggestions on the various support and advising measures offered by the university.

How long does it take?

Completing the SRT takes between 15 and 25 minutes. You can interrupt the process after completion of a module and continue at a later point in time. Please make sure to save the respective TAN number. Once you have completed the SRT, you can use the TAN to access your feedback whenever you want.

Are the results conclusive?

The SRT is a scientifically assessed tool that was developed in cooperation with experts of various European universities as part of the Prevdrop project. The data comprise information on the current state of research on satisfaction within academic programmes as well as on factors that contribute to successful completion of academic programmes. An adapted version was created for Heidelberg University as part of the heiSTART project.


SRT Modules


My programme and me

My university and me

I am worried about...

This modules focuses on you as a student: your choice of degree programme, your learning strategies, your current motivation at university

This modules focuses on how you perceive your programme and your university.

This module focuses on your current worries and challenges that could affect your academic programme.

Information on use and Data Protection

What is the TAN for?

All data are strictly anonymised in the SRT. For this reason, it does not store email addresses. In order to continue working in the SRT at a later point in time or to access your feedback again, please make a note of the TAN displayed on the SRT homepage (and in the feedback form). The TAN will not be regenerated after closing the SRT.

Data protection

The SRT does not collect personal information making it impossible to identify you as a person. Information on age and sex are voluntary. Web analytic services such as Google Analytics or Piwik are not used on this website or in the SRT.