International AnalysisUniversität Heidelberg With Ten “Highly Cited Researchers”

20 November 2019

International Analysis Names Academics Whose Publications Were Most Cited Worldwide

The recently published list of Highly Cited Researchers includes ten researchers from Heidelberg University. The international analysis recognises academics whose publications in their respective field are the most frequently cited worldwide. A total of 21 disciplines in the natural, life and social sciences are represented. It also names researchers who have published widely across multiple disciplines. This cross-field category was introduced last year. Of the ten highly cited researchers from Ruperto Carola, five were recognised for their cross-field contributions.

Among the most highly cited researchers in his field worldwide is Prof. Dr Ralf Bartenschlager (microbiology), who is on the list for the seventh time in a row. Those recognised for the sixth consecutive year include Prof. Dr A. Stephen K. Hashmi (chemistry), Prof. Dr Hugo A. Katus (medicine) and Prof. Dr Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (in the cross-field category like last year). Prof. Dr Andreas von Deimling (neuroscience and behaviour) appears on the list for the fifth time, and Prof. Dr Werner Hacke for the third (now in the cross-field category). Like last year, the list of highly cited researchers also includes Prof. Dr Markus W. Büchler (medicine) and Prof. Dr Laura Na Liu (cross-field). Prof. Dr Dr Till Bärnighausen and Dr Claudia Backes are on the list for the first time, both in the cross-field category.

The citation count reflects how often a publication is cited in the papers of colleagues, making it an important indicator of a publication’s scientific influence. The current list of Highly Cited Researchers, published by Clarivate Analytics, assessed publications between 2008 and 2018. Highly cited publications are those in the top 1% by citations in their respective field and year of publication. This list was first issued in 2001; it was revised for the first time in 2014 and has appeared annually since. It currently names approximately 3,700 researchers in 21 specific fields as well as 2,500 for cross-field performance.

The Ten Researchers at a Glance:

Dr Claudia Backes
Head of the Emmy Noether Group “Physical Chemistry of Layered Nanomaterials” at the Institute for Physical Chemistry at Heidelberg University

Prof. Dr Dr Till Bärnighausen
Director of the Institute of Global Health at Heidelberg University Hospital and the Medical Faculty Heidelberg, and holder of an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship at Heidelberg University

Prof. Dr Ralf Bartenschlager
Head of the Molecular Virology Department at the Centre for Infectious Diseases of Heidelberg University Hospital

Prof. Dr Markus W. Büchler
Spokesperson for the Surgery Clinic (Centre) of Heidelberg University Hospital and Medical Director of the associated Clinic for General, Abdominal and Transplant Surgery

Prof. Dr Andreas von Deimling
Medical Director of the Department of Neuropathology at the Institute for Pathology of Heidelberg University Hospital

Prof. Dr Werner Hacke
Senior Professor at the Medical Faculty Heidelberg of Heidelberg University

Prof. Dr A. Stephen K. Hashmi
Research group leader at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at Heidelberg University

Prof. Dr Hugo A. Katus
Spokesperson for the Center for Internal Medicine at Heidelberg University Hospital and Medical Director of the associated Clinic for Cardiology, Angiology and Pneumology

Prof. Dr Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg
Head of the Executive Board of the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim and Medical Director of its Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic as well as Professor at the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University

Prof. Dr Laura Na Liu
Head of the “Smart Nanoplasmonics for Biology and Chemistry” research group at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics of Heidelberg University