InternationalReception for Visiting Scientists and Scholars

Press Release Nr 7/2020
21 January 2020

Vice-Rector welcomes international guests

At the beginning of the new year Heidelberg University will be welcoming its visiting scientists and scholars as well as their families. The festive ceremony on Monday, 27 January 2020, will also be attended by international guests of the German Cancer Research Center, the Max Planck Institutes in Heidelberg, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies. Also invited are the hosts of the researchers from abroad.

The event will be opened by Prof. Dr Marc-Philippe Weller, Vice-Rector International Affairs of Heidelberg University. Under the heading “The art of decision making” Prof. Dr Ana Martin-Villalba, head of the Department of Molecular Neurobiology at the German Cancer Research Center, will give an insight into her research work. Approximately 120 guests are expected to attend the reception at the Great Hall of the Old University.

Heidelberg University has always been international in its scope. It is integrated into a worldwide network of cooperative research and teaching ventures. It operates exchange schemes with approximately 450 universities all over the world and maintains 27 privileged university partnerships with universities abroad. In addition, Heidelberg University is involved in a large number of research and teaching collaborations at faculty, department and chair levels.

Note for news desks

The reception for visiting scientists and scholars takes place on Monday, 27 January 2020, in the Great Hall of the Old University at 6.00 pm. Media representatives are cordially invited to attend and report.