CoronavirusRapid test opportunities for staff

6 October 2022

Rapid antigen tests

The university offers all staff working on campus one rapid Covid antigen test per week to be carried out by themselves. Those employees who work on campus at least two days a week and are in frequent contact with the general public and/or with students, or whose work situation does not allow for maintenance of the minimum distance, are entitled to two rapid Covid tests per week. This arrangement applies initially until further notice, but at the latest until the current Federal Corona Occupational Safety Ordinance expires on 7 April 2023.

Participation in the test is voluntary and free of charge for staff members. Whether they accept or decline the offer, employees will not suffer any disadvantageous consequences. The executive staff of the university are asked to document the weekly tests for their staff to which the above-mentioned criteria apply – in an informal but comprehensible manner.

Conducting tests should be understood as a supplement to the existing coronavirus hygiene protocols and the coronavirus risk assessments with the corresponding established protective measures. Compliance with these rules must therefore be kept up.

The rapid antigen tests offered by the university can be carried out by the employees themselves in the form of an anterior nasal swab; the result is available in 15 minutes. The rapid tests are certified and have been approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices for use by non-professionals.

If the test result is positive, a validation of the result by a professional PCR test will be required as soon as possible and the staff member must immediately go into isolation at home.

The rapid antigen test kits will be procured by the central university administration and financed by central funds. Depending on the campus where they are located, institutes and facilities can use a form to order the required number of rapid antigen tests, which will then be collected from two distribution points, or delivered. The further distribution to the staff will take place afterwards in the institutes/facilities.

Distribution to Campus Altstadt, Bergheim, Philosophenweg and Landessternwarte

The heads of the institutes and facilities in these campus areas should use this form for ordering the rapid antigen tests. After you have ascertained your requirement, please send it to the procurement office using the form button “Send order” ("Bestellung senden").

Contact for queriesCovid19.Bedarf.Altstadt@uni-heidelberg.de 

Distribution to Neuenheimer Feld Campus

The distribution to the institutes and facilities on the Neuenheimer Feld campus will take place through the central store facility of the Central Services Neuenheimer Feld (ZNF). Please coordinate your requirement within the institutes and facilities, using the delivery form for prior orders, and collect them in one package per institute from the central storeroom. Do not forget to bring along the delivery form signed by the head of the institute.

Contact for queriesCovid19.Bedarf.INF@uni-heidelberg.de 
Distribution point: : Central store facility, Im Neuenheimer Feld 367, 69120 Heidelberg
The shop of the Neuenheimer Feld central store facility is on the ground floor of the INF 367 building. Please use the northern entrance opposite the INF branch of the University Library.