I will not be available to email my inquiry myself at the time when the vaccination option goes on line. Can somebody else do it for me?

Yes, it is possible for someone else to request a vaccination on your behalf, e.g. your supervisor or the secretary’s office. Please note, however, that all necessary details must be complete. In particular, the request must contain an email address and a phone number at which you are easy to reach. Only that way can you be sure to actually receive the offered date for the vaccination and confirm it within the required period.

Does the time needed for the Covid-19 vaccination count as work time?

If the appointment (including your travel) takes place during working hours you can take time off to have the vaccination by the university medical service. This applies to staff with a flex-time arrangement to the extent that the appointment falls within their time of work. Your absence for the appointment should in any case be coordinated with your supervisor.

What happens to my data in the registration process for the coronavirus vaccination?

See the attached link for the data protection statement regarding the coronavirus vaccination registration process by Heidelberg University’s medical service.

Do I have to take evidence of my vaccination entitlement to the first appointment?

Please take along evidence that you are employed at Heidelberg University. We recommend either your service card or a written confirmation from your institute or facility. No additional evidence is necessary, such as the form provided by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs.

When will additional vaccination options be made public?

Additional vaccination options will be posted on this website as soon as more vaccine is available. At the same time, you are kindly asked to continue to avail yourself of the vaccination opportunities of your family doctor and the central vaccination centres.

Is it enough for my employment contract to be valid only for the first or for the second vaccination appointment?

No, a vaccination by the university medical service can only take place if you have a valid employment contract with Heidelberg University for both the first and the second appointments. if an extension is coming up, e.g. for further employment as a student assistant, it is advisable for this to be implemented in good time.

I haven’t got a vaccination pass – can I still be vaccinated?

Yes, a vaccination can still take place. The university medical service will then issue you a written confirmation that you have been vaccinated. No vaccination passes are available there at present, unfortunately, but the order is being processed.