Marsilius Kolleg Call for Participation for Competition “Data is Art”

15 May 2024

Young Marsilius Fellows are inviting students and researchers to visualise data artistically

Showcasing the artistic side of science and research is the aim of the “Data is Art” competition, which the current class of Young Marsilius Fellows is inviting people to take part in. In particular, the twelve postdocs are addressing students and researchers at Heidelberg University and non-university research institutions in Heidelberg and Mannheim. They are looking for poster submissions from all scientific disciplines that visualise research data in a particularly creative, attractive and informative way. The deadline for entries is 14 June 2024.

Marsilius-Kolleg: Data is Art

The competition is based on an intentionally broad understanding of “data”, as the organisers emphasise. In addition to quantitative data, other types of information can also be used to design a poster submission, such as historical sources, various genres of text or artefacts. The Young Marsilius Fellows want to enable interested parties from the entire spectrum of subjects to take part in this competition – i.e. from the humanities and cultural studies, the social sciences and law as well as the life sciences, natural sciences and engineering sciences.

The most artistically appealing and informative submissions will be showcased publicly on 18 July 2024 as part of the symposium “From End to Beginning – An Interdisciplinary Adventure” organised by the Young Marsilius Fellows. At the invitation of the Marsilius Kolleg, the authors of the three best-rated works – to be determined by the attendees on site – have the opportunity to attend a two-hour workshop followed by a dinner with the Nature Marsilius Visiting Professor for Science Communication in the 2024/2025 winter semester.

With the Young Marsilius Fellowship Programme, the Marsilius Kolleg is addressing primarily post-doctoral researchers at Heidelberg University and non-university research institutions in Heidelberg and the region, but also advanced doctoral candidates. The awardees receive a budget of 5,000 euros for their research and for academic career development. The Marsilius Kolleg launched the fellowship programme in 2021 to recognise young researchers who, in addition to the interdisciplinary focus of their work, are particularly looking to engage in science communication.