4EU+ European University AllianceFunding of joint short-term programmes for Master’s students and PhD candidates

Funding period: January to December 2022

The goal of the 4EU+ European University Alliance is to establish a European university system with compatible courses of study, flexible study paths for students and manifold mobility options for students and academic staff.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides financial support for joint short-term programmes as part of its accompanying national programme, European University Networks (EUN). Funding is available for workshops, block seminars, or summer schools at Heidelberg University for (Master’s and doctoral) graduate students from 4EU+ universities. Researchers from Heidelberg University are eligible to apply.

Applications are above all invited for activities that are not eligible for funding as part of the Flagship Projects of the EU proposal for a European university system.

Financial support of up to € 12,000 per activity can be provided for subsistence allowances for five days for up to 20 graduate students and five academic staff from 4EU+ partner universities as well as for conference materials. (Extent of funding: € 80 per graduate student per day, € 120 per member of academic staff per day for accommodation and catering, € 260 for conference materials).

PLEASE NOTE: There is no travel allowance for participants. Please advise all participants that they must cover their own travel costs; they may be able to apply to their local 4EU+ office for financial support.

Beside Heidelberg University, at least two other 4EU+ universities must be involved in the activity.

Applications should include the following documents:

  • 4EU+ application form (short-term programmes)
  • Description of the activity including the names of the involved partner universities and the estimated number of participants (1 page)
  • Description of the academic exchange and cooperation in teaching and research with the involved partner universities (1 page)
  • Cost calculation

For mobility taking place between January and December 2022, applications can be submitted at any time up until 30 September 2022.
Applications have to be submitted before the mobility starts. Funding cannot be backdated.

Please note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all subsidies are granted under the condition that the workshop / short-term programme can take place.

Please send your application digitised and compiled to one PDF file to Benjamin Held: