Internal memberLeon Köpfle

Leon Köpfle was born in 1998 and grew up Osterburken (Baden). He has been enrolled as a student at Heidelberg University since October 2017. 

Alongside his law course he is particularly committed to the concerns of students at the university. 

Since 2018 he has been a member of the administrative council of the Heidelberg student services organisation (Studierendenwerk). It oversees and advises the management and decides on questions of fundamental importance. At the same time, he took on the office of representing the student body in the university’s governing bodies. After his election as chair of the student body in February 2019 he was responsible for chairing its board (conference of officers) and administration (particularly staff and legal matters). He retired from this office in October 2020.

In his school days at Osterburken grammar school he was head boy for many years. In 2020 he became chair of the group of friends and patrons of his former school. At the same time he was active in training activities of the German Life-Saving Association and, from 2015 to 2020 a member of the parish council of the Catholic parish, where he is still active in youth work. Since 2020 Leon Köpfle has been deputy chair of the Neckar-Odenwald district branch of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and reserve candidate for the Baden-Württemberg state elections in 2021.

He has been a member of the Heidelberg University Council since 2020.

Leon P. Köpfle