InstitutionsExcellence Strategy Office / Office of the Commission for Research and Strategy

The Rectorate has established the “Excellence Strategy Office/Office of the Commission for Research and Strategy” to be able to address all arising challenges regarding the Excellence Strategy in a swift and effective manner. The office fulfills a variety of bridging functions.

The office is part of the Rectorate and falls under the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Research. The Excellence Strategy Office serves as the office of the Research and Strategy Commission and supports its work in close cooperation with the commission’s spokespersons.

The Excellence Strategy Office serves as a service unit for all members of the university who are involved in shaping the Excellence Strategy. The staff provides administrative support to the university's current Clusters of Excellence and advises initiatives that are preparing proposals. In addition, the Excellence Strategy Office is responsible for the administrative implementation of the University of Excellence measures; it manages and monitors the use of funds. Furthermore, the staff supports all committees of the Excellence Strategy in their tasks, in conducting internal and external evaluations as well as in fulfilling internal and external reporting obligations. To perform its duties, the office collaborates closely with the Rectorate and the university administration.