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You want to make a difference during your lifetime and it is important to you to accomplish the purpose of the foundation within a limited period of time? Then the establishment of a use foundation might be the right choice.

Unlike the typical foundation, the use foundation makes it possible to use the annual proceeds as well as the capital stock to fulfil the foundation‘s purpose. The means are only to be used accomplish this purpose. After having depleted its capital reserve, the foundation will be dissolved after ten years at the earliest. There are several possibilies when it comes to establishing a foundation.

Most of the time,  the establishment of such a foundation in the corporate assets of Heidelberg University is a good option. Become part of the family of foundations of Heidelberg University by establishing a use  foundation in the corporate assets of the university.

We are managing a large number of financial assets with varying purposes and make sure that  the donations and annual proceeds are used rightfully. Please fell free to contact us; we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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The following foundations and funds are part of the corporate assets of Heidelberg University and are professionally managed by the Division for Foundations and Assets.

Thanks to the establishment of a use foundation, scholarships can be awarded to PhD students  of the Faculty of Theology, annually.. The scholarship period is two years.

Estate Erika Korn
The Seminar of Philosophy was made heir of Mrs Korn's assets in memory of her son who died in 1984 and who was also a former student of the Seminar.

Estate Dr. Lieseberg
A use foundation was set up after the death of Dr. Lieseberg. Its purpose is to support research at the chemical instutes of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Heidelberg University by providing the necessary means.