In the course of pursuing their degree, students time and again confront financial obstacles that can threaten this goal. The Financial Aid Fund wants to alleviate this problem by offering help to students in need.

With assistance from the Financial Aid Fund, students of all nationalities facing financial difficulties through no fault of their own can obtain aid, easily and on short notice, so they can graduate. After having reviewed the student’s individual circumstances,  the amount of funding is set depending on the financial situation of the student. The aid is designed to bridge the financial gap and is awarded for a maximum of one semester.

We want to continue to support students in need and therefore need your help.

"I will forever be grateful for this support!"

Jyoti P., Financial Aid Fund

For Jyoti, Heidelberg and its university is like a second home. A financial bottleneck nearly sabotaged her studies. Donations from the Student Financial Aid Fund helped her through this temporary financial crisis.

Jyoti left her home in Nepal in 2016 to start her masters degree in molecular biosciences at Ruperto Carola and loves the city with its international flair. She never regretted her decision. Choosing Heidelberg was easy for Jyoti. "Heidelberg University is one of the best universities in Germany and among the top 50 in the world." She most appreciates the high educational standards in her degree programme. She believes she is well prepared to embark on her career. "The aid from the fund was not just a financial cushion; it was an emotional one as well. The constant worry that my savings wouldn't last until I finished would have certainly affected my studies. Thanks to the fund, I can move ahead with much less stress. I will always be grateful for that!" Her master's thesis deals with the communication between cancer cells and tumours. She would like to continue on with her doctorate in cancer immunology.

Status as of July, 2019


The aid allowed me to travel and collect important material for my research. I also had more time to write poetry, which is really close to my heart.

Kuldeep B., Communication, literature and media in modern South Asian languages, Master’s

I am from…
Uttarakhand in the Himalayas.

What I like about my degree program is...
that it gives us students enough freedom to pursue their own interests in the fields of literature and language. Also, I have the opportunity to learn many new languages. This makes a decisive contribution to transcultural exchange.

My master’s thesis deals with…
the work of contemporary Hindi writer Ramesh Chandra Shah. I want to show his impact on world literature with the help of thematic experiments.

My favourite place in Heidelberg is...
There are so many beautiful places, like the Philosopher's Path, the Iqbal-Ufer, the Thingstätte, the churches, and the surrounding region of course.

I decided to study at Heidelberg University because...
it is the alma mater of so many renowned thinkers and writers, and I'm interested in German literature and philosophy.

After I complete my degree, I want to...
finish my work on a book by the end of this year. I'm also working on a film project that we hope to complete next year.

Status as of July, 2018

I am glad to be offered a good support through this visionary campaign. It is encouraging to my spirit on my journey towards achieving my goals.

Ademola A., Physics, Master‘s

I wanted to study in Heidelberg because…
the study structure, as well as accessible resources match well with what I consider very needful for my next academic development.

My favourite place in Heidelberg…
is the Philosophenweg. I find it very pleasing walking the quiet path up the hill, viewing almost the entire city.

I like Heidelberg because…
it is one of the very few cities where rich histories, architectural beauties, nature reserve and abundant knowledge resource jointly exist.

At Heidelberg University I work…
at the Institute for Theoretical Physics as part of the quantum gravity research group.

Status as of July, 2017

Money can be the factor that can stop you from progressing. This is why this kind of thing is important.

Nashib K., Medizinische Anthropologie (Master)

I wanted to study in Heidelberg because…
everyone knows that Heidelberg University is one of the best universities in Germany.

What I like about Heidelberg is…
that everyone, even at the university, is so friendly and helpful. It is easy to get in touch with other people.

My favourite place in Heidelberg…
the Neckarwiese.

What I like about my studies in Heidelberg is…
that everything is so organized. And the standard of education is much higher than in my former university in Nepal.

Status as of March, 2016

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