In the course of pursuing their degree, students time and again confront financial obstacles that can threaten this goal. The Financial Aid Fund wants to alleviate this problem by offering help to students in need.

With assistance from the Financial Aid Fund, students of all nationalities facing financial difficulties such as the loss of part-time jobs as well as the sudden absence of financial support from parents or an illness, through no fault of their own can obtain aid, easily and on short notice, so they can graduate. After having reviewed the student’s individual circumstances, the amount of funding is set depending on the financial situation of the student. The aid is designed to bridge the financial gap and is awarded for a maximum of one semester.

We want to continue to support students in need and therefore need your help. Give our students some kind of security by donating, today.

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I am infinitely grateful for the help that I have received through the Financial Aid Fund. This is why I already wish to donate money to the Financial Aid Fund as soon as I start working as a teacher in order to share this kind of happiness with a person in need.

Markus J., Care and Philosophy/Ethics, teaching degree for professional grammar schools

We want to be able to offer this support to students in 2023, again. Therefore, we need your help. Further down this page, you will find information regarding your contact person as well as the bank details.

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