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Information for students

The Robert and Christine Danziger Scholarship is awarded to very good up-and-coming students from Africa (primarily from Ghana or another country in West and Central Africa) who are planning to apply for a Master’s programme at Heidelberg University in Sociology, Political Science or Geography (with a focus on Geoinformatics or Human Geography) and who need help with funding their studies. Learn more about everything you need to consider when applying, on this page.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a Robert and Christine Danziger Scholarship if:

  1. You are from Africa (primarily from Ghana or another country in West and Central Africa)
  2. You have a very good command of the German language (before applicants can start their programme at Heidelberg University, the German language test for the admission to universities (DSH) must first be passed at minimum the level DSH-2).
  3. You are planning to start a Master‘s programme at Heidelberg University in one of the following degree programmes:
    • Sociology
    • Political Science
    • Geography with a focus on Geoinformatics mit Schwerpunkt Geoinformatik oder Humangeographie
  4. You are among the best in your field.
  5. You need help with funding your studies.
  6. You do not live in Germany, yet (exception: attendance of a language course in Germany to acquire the required language skills).

Please note: The application for a scholarship is not an application for a study place. Therefore, please apply additionally for a study place at Heidelberg University. 

What does the funding look like?

  • The amount of the scholarship for students is 900 € per month.
  • The award period is generally two semesters. An extension is possible on request and if all requirements are met (academic performance, financial hardship, availability of funds) for a maximum period of 2 semesters.

Good to know: During the support with a Robert and Christine Danziger Scholarship,

  • the simultaneous receipt of another scholarship is not possible,
  • the tax-free personal allowance may not be exeeded, in the case of income for activities,
  • scholarship holders can only accept a max. 25% position for graduate assistants at Heidelberg University if there is no connection to the scholarship in terms of content and time. Please also note the previously mentioned reference to the personal allowance.

Whether the scholarship is tax-free depends on the individual case. Please make sure to contact your tax office for clarification.

Which application documents are required?

Please submit the following application documents during the application period:

  • Signed application form
  • Current performance records: First university diploma (original certificate) including the final grade as well as an official translation in German or English and if available, an official conversion of the diploma to the German grading system.
    If your first university diploma is not available by the end of the application period, it is sufficient to submit a provisional certificate from the university confirming your academic performances, so far (ideally with a grade of all examinations, so far), that states that you expect to complete your course of study by the start of the semester following the application period. Please note that you have to submit your missing certificate by the start of the lecture period.
  • Proof of application for a university place
  • Curriculum vitae in table form
  • Letter of motivation: if you are applying for a Master’s degree programme in Geography, there need to be a reference to Geoinformatics or Human Geography
  • Recommendation letter from a university instructor in the specific field
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Self-disclosure of money available each month
  • Evidence confirming the financial situation (pay slip of the parents, own wage slips etc.)

Please note that you have to submit a valid certificate of enrolment in order to receive scholarship payments.

When and how can I apply?

You can apply for a scholarship from 1 May to 15 July. Please send your application documents as one single pdf document by email to

You prefer sending your documents by mail? Then please send them to Heidelberg University | Division for Foundations and Assets | Department 8.2: Donor Relations and Guesthouses | Seminarstr. 2 | 69117 Heidelberg. Please note that the receipt stamp date applies.

Please note: Applications that have not been received within the application period will unfortunately not be considered for selection.

This ist what happens after my application for a scholarship

Zeitdiagramm Danzigerstipendium EN

We are happy to help

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the scholarship programme:

Yasmine Schaller
Tel. +49 6221 54-12801

Simone Raasch
Tel. +49 6221 54-12823