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From scholarship recipient to supporter

As a former Heidelberg student and Germany scholarship recipient of the first scholarship year, I want to give something back to my Alma mater and give some of the support that I have received on my way to future colleagues. Back then, the scholarship sent me on a great trajectory and served as a door opener for further funding. While the financial support was helpful, the contact with my scholarship provider especially offered some interesting opportunities for further training. After finishing my PhD in organic chemistry in the group of Prof Hashmi, I worked as a postdoc in Groningen, Glasgow, Cambridge and Bern and I am now a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Daejeon and San Diego.

As a supporter, the Germany Scholarship not only offers me a good feeling through the active expression of gratitude, but also an inexpensive (half of the amount is provided by the Federal Government) opportunity of advertising, of getting in touch with promising young people and maybe of recruiting mentees, too. By supporting the Germany Scholarship, I can do good with little effort and make things easier for a student, so they can fully concentrate on their education. Who knows? Maybe she / he will become a valuable colleague later or develop the vaccine that will solve all of our problems.

Chemistry, former Germany Scholarship recipient

Status as of December, 2020

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F. F. Mulks