Germany ScholarshipFAQ - General Information

Can citizens of foreign countries also apply?
Yes, students of any nationality are eligible if they are or will be enrolled in an undergraduate or master’s degree programme at Heidelberg University at the beginning of the award period. Students in the preliminary induction German course, in the preparatory course (Studienkolleg), and short-term students are not eligible to apply.

Can applicants for a study place also apply for a scholarship?
Yes, study place applicants can also apply for the Germany Scholarship. Approval for the Germany Scholarship requires the student be enrolled at Heidelberg University at the beginning of the award period.

Can PhD students also apply?
No, PhD students are exempt. For information on scholarships for PhD students, please contact the Graduate Academy of Heidelberg University.

Are students in second degree or postgraduate programmes eligible to apply?
Yes, students in second degree or postgraduate programmes are also eligible for a Germany Scholarship.

I am just about to finish my degree. Can I apply anyway?
Yes, you can apply for the Germany Scholarship at any point during your degree programme. However, applicants must still be within the standard period of study. Please use the form „Request  for extension of the maximum period“ for your statement of explanation  and furnish proof.

I have gone beyond the standard period of study; can I still apply for the scholarship/ apply for an extension?
The maximum funding period for the Germany Scholarship is based on the standard period of study. According to § 8 (1) of the bylaws of Heidelberg University on the award of Germany Scholarships, the maximum funding period can be extended on request. Serious reasons must be provided for having exceeded the standard period, such as a disability, pregnancy, care and upbringing of a child, engagement as an elected member in the university committee or part of the student self-administration or a degree-related sojourn abroad without leave of absence. The request must be made in writing by using the form provided by Heidelberg University. The reasons for the delay in the course of the study must be explained and proven. In the case of an application, the signed request and evidence must be submitted within the application deadline and in case of an extension of the funding, on the date specified in the approval notice.

What do I have to submit if my studies are extended beyond the standard period of study due to the Corona pandemic?
Please submit a certificate of enrolment for the summer semester 2020 and/or winter semester 2020/2021 and/or summer semester 2021 indicating that you were enrolled at a university and did not take a leave of absence. Whether the semester can be considered as a “corona semester” (= extension of the individual standard period of study by one semester) depends on the federal state in which you were studying at that time.

Do I have to pay back the scholarship later?
No, you do not need to pay back the scholarship.

How long is the scholarship period?
Provided funds are available, the award period is generally two semesters and is based on the standard period of study for the given programme. An extension is possible on request. See the scholarship approval for more information. The scholarship ends as stipulated in the approval document or at the end of the month in which the scholarship holder successfully completed his university education or is exmatriculated. Funding also stops if the student changes his or her field of study or discontinues study.

When will you receive the scholarship payment?
The scholarship is only paid to the student if they are enrolled at Heidelberg University.

How often is the Germany Scholarship awarded?
The Germany Scholarship at Heidelberg University is always awarded at the beginning of the winter semester.

Is it possible to extend the scholarship period?
Information on options for extending the scholarship can be found in the approval document. Within the time limit set for the aptitude and performance review, scholarship holders must submit verification of academic accomplishments during the scholarship period (e.g. transcripts of records, internship certificates, etc.) and a brief account of further personal development since the scholarship was awarded or since the last review, as well as relevant evidence of any changes in personal or family circumstances, volunteer work or course-related employment. If requirements are met, the extension is granted subject to availability of funds. In case of an extension of the standard period of study, the signed request for an extension of the maximum funding period and the corresponding documents, which specify the different reasons, are required.

What happens if a student takes a semester off?
Payment of the scholarship is suspended during the student’s leave of absence. The scholarship award period is adjusted upon notification when the student resumes study after the leave. If the student is pursuing a semester of subject-specific study abroad, payment of the scholarship can continue during that time.

Is it possible to receive simultaneous scholarships?
Anyone receiving aptitude- or performance-based financial support, on average 30 euros or more per month, cannot receive Germany Scholarship funding. An overview of the various scholarships that are compatible with or preclude receipt of the Germany Scholarship is provided on the BMBF Germany Scholarship website at the overview of double funding (Ger "Übersicht zur Zulässigkeit des gleichzeitigen Bezugs anderer Stipendien mit dem Deutschlandstipendium").

What can I do if the online application cannot be send?
Please make sure not to use an outdated browser but an up-to-date one, for instance Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for submitting the application. It is also possible that the use of another writing system (not the Latin script) causes problems. It therefore might help to change the operating system's writing system to the Latin script while submitting an application and to make sure that the overall language of the operating system is English.