#25HAI-ActivitiesCountry Facts and Insider Tips

Each year numerous students, PhD candidates, and visiting scientists from all over the world arrive in Heidelberg. They are part of the special flair that shapes our city on the Neckar.

Interesting people from different countries. What could you tell us about your country? What is an absolute must-know? I Introduce us to your (home)country!

  • Which place in your country should everyone visit at some point?
  • Which foods should not be missed when visiting?
  • What is barely known about your country?

Share your insider tips with us!

For our new website, we are looking for fun and interesting facts on all countries where alumnae and alumni of Heidelberg University are living. Participate and contribute with insider knowledge on your country.

To join the activity please download the submission on the right side, fill in the document and send it back to us via e-mail to: