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Family in Focus at Heidelberg University

Service for Families
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Heidelberg University campaigns for compatibility between teaching, work, research and responsibility for families. Therefore family focus is a task which Heidelberg University takes seriously. Heidelberg University wants to support students and scholars by a family-friendly work and social environment. To relieve families from parental concerns the University has arranged different offerings.

Service for Families

The central service point concerning questions about family and academic life at Heidelberg University: staff members of the University are supported in many ways, about:

  • childcare options
  • finding a nanny
  • looking for school places
  • finding a babysitter
  • information about leisure time facilities like sports or lessons in arts or music for children information about childcare during school holidays
  • or any other questions concerning family matters.

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Kinderkrippe – Crèche of Heidelberg University

Staffmembers at Heidelberg University can choose from various childcare offerings – even for the youngest children. They are cared for at the Kinderkrippe (Crèche) from 7.30 am till 6.00 pm with plenty of activities appropriate to their age. The Kinderkrippe is located close to the campus-area at Neuenheimer Feld.


Kindertagesstätte – Daycare Centre of Heidelberg University

The Kindertagesstätte (Daycare Centre) provides children of pre-school age daily childcare from7.30 am till 6.00 pm. The concept of education of the Kindertagesstätte contains various choices in cooperation with external institutions like the Heidelberg Music-School or the Botanical Garden.

Backup Service at Kinderhaus of Heidelberg University

Backup Service assures a childcare in immediate and unpredictable situations (whether you have to go on an unexpected business trip or your regular childcare has dropped out), you can use the uncomplicated, quick support; it is easily available and individual in support. This service provides for quickly taking children aged eight or younger to the KidsClub or the Kindertagesstätte.

Clearing Service “Academia and Family”

If a family expects problems in combining academic work and family needs, this can be sorted out. The Clearing Service “Academia and Family” and the administration of the employing institution work out a career strategy for the parent who is on parental leave. Furthermore the University provides funds for extension of contracts after he or she returns from parental leave or a substitute during the period of absence.


Congress Childcare at Heidelberg University

The University and its departments regularly invite scholars from other national universities and from abroad to attend conferences. These guests sometimes bring their children with them to Heidelberg. Thus they need a dependable and individually adapted childcare, which is offered by Congress Childcare of Heidelberg University.


Holiday Childcare Schemes at Heidelberg University

The University offers subsidised childcare during school-holidays for the children of its members. A bunch of activities is included in a weekly programme, such as sports, handicrafts, creative workshops or excursions – so there is no time for boredom, it is all challenge.

KidsClub at Heidelberg University

At University’s KidsClub children of scholars who attend Heidelberg University for a research term find a place to spend time together and make friends. Additionally childcare for the youngest is provided by experienced and multilingual governesses.

KidS – Kinder in der Studienzeit (Programme for Student Parents)

The programme KidS offers student parents helpful information about conducting their studies, facilities to organise everyday life (extension of examination period, affordable homes, and daily childcare, and information about financial support). A special website provides useful information as well as counselling and, in addition, KidS aims to bring together parents studying at Heidelberg University.

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