1st Heidelberg Cold Water Coral Workshop

Lophelia Pertusa
Lophelia pertusa occurrence on the southern shelf off Iceland, Frank et al. 2012

This workshop is on Cold Water Corals (CWC) and climate (19-20 Dec 2016), initiated by the Institute of Environmental Physics, to bring together several national scientists and institutes in an innovative research field. Colleagues from GEOMAR (Kiel), MARUM (Bremen), Senckenberg am Meer (Wilhelmshaven) and Goethe University (Frankfurt) will participate as well as numerous teams of Heidelberg University. The workshop will focus on the geochemical recordings and environmental processes steering coral growth and regional oceanic change. Corals are cosmopolitan throughout the world oceans and can be accurately dated. Recent discoveries may thus provide new pathways to generate benchmark marine climate records to improve our understanding of past and future oceanic heat and carbon cycling and ecosystem response during times of natural and anthropogenic climate change.



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