Lindau Alumni Retreat

The annual Lindau Alumni Retreat was first launched in 2018 with the goal to gather scientists who attended the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings (Physiology and Medicine) from around the world.

In Lindau we experienced a unique scientific atmosphere that motivated us not only to pursue research but also to improve the way how science is done. Our mission is to keep that "Lindau Spirit" alive.

Every year  12–15 Lindau Alumni have the possibility to attend our retreat. We usually cover several life science areas, such as immunology, genetics, oncology, neuroscience and medicine. We have oral presentations of current research by the participants and open discussions about broad science-related topics. But most importantly, we offer many occasions for networking!

Since 2019, we are officially supported by the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings through Alumni Community Manager Christoph Schumacher.
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Dr. Tanja Bhuiyan
Lindau Alumni Retreat
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Dr. Svitlana Rozanova
Lindau Alumni Retreat
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