Research Day on Neural Circuits of Pain

The Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1158 ‘From nociception to chronic pain: Structure-function properties of neural pathways and their reorganization’ is newly established in Heidelberg, Germany. Nineteen multidisciplinary projects spanning diverse top-class clinical and basic research institutions make this a remarkably vibrant and comprehensive collaborative center.

Research in this consortium promises to deliver a structural and functional understanding of circuits and networks underlying sensory and affective components of pain and their modulation by circumstances which induce structural reorganization and functional plasticity, including disease states, negative emotions and stress.

The research day will consist of many scientific talks from external and internal scientists. The young scientists will organize a session on scientific methods.

In this regard, this research day will focus on discussing strategies for further collaborations, all the senior and young scientists will have the opportunity to have scientific exchange leading to close interactions, supporting them for their career development.


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