Analog Quantum Simulators

Quantum simulators promise to provide unprecedented insights into physical phenomena not accessible with classical computers and have the potential to enable radically new technologies. Analog dynamical quantum simulators constitute a most promising class of architectures to fulfil the ultimate promise to devise quantum machines outperforming classical computers. Versatile and practical platforms for dynamical simulators are being developed in many laboratories world wide,  making use of systems of ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices and the continuum, as well as cavity polaritons. Key topics concern the computational capabilities of quantum simulators, and the use of those devices to probe important questions in fundamental and applied physics, ranging from technology-relevant problems, concerning transport processes or glassy dynamics, via long-standing challenges in the physics of non-equilibrium and thermalisation phenomena, through puzzles in notions of quantum turbulence, to questions in the study of quantum gravity.

The conference will bring together international experts from the above fields to discuss prospects of building and using quantum simulators. The primary aim is to spark the exchange of ideas and experiences, including the possibility to initiate potential collaborations between researchers from the diverse areas based on the topics under consideration.

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