Writing Systematic Theology in the Context(s) of 21st Century. Transatlantic Conversations

Developments in Systematic Theology in the 19th and 20th century were stimulated and nourished by continuous conversations and debates between North American, British, German and Swiss theologians. Due to manifold demands on Systematic Theology in secular and global contexts this transatlantic theological bond has become one among many sources which require and inspire critical and constructive theological reflection. Moreover, postmodernity has challenged the established task of explaining the Christian faith in a systematic account and has led to a hesitation or even abstinence from writing Systematic Theology that can be observed in the last two decades, at least in the German speaking context. While this situation is about to change again as a number of new approaches have been published recently or are in the process of publication, this development could stimulate and at the same time benefit from fresh transatlantic disciplinary conversations – especially in times when changing political constellations challenge European and transatlantic cohesion.

In the symposium we want to bring together leading English- and German-speaking scholars of Systematic Theology from both sides of the North Atlantic to explore the increasing complexity of challenges for Systematic Theology and take soundings of new approaches in the 21st Century.



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