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Service Centre of the Graduate Academy
Seminarstr. 2
1st Floor, Room 135
69117 Heidelberg

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Academic and Professional Development

Seminarstr. 2
1st Floor, Room 135
69117 Heidelberg

Dr. Berenike Schröder

Telephone Icon 17x17 + 49 (0) 6221 54 - 19769

Welcome to Heidelberg

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February 12, 2019


4:00 pm Welcome by the Vice-President for Student Affairs and Teaching – Prof Dr. Beatrix Busse

Welcome and Introdcution by the Graduate Academy – Dr. Helke Hillebrand

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Graduate Schools: HBIGS, HGGS, HGSFP, MathComp

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Location and Directions Karl Jaspers Centre

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Past events:

October 24, 2018

July 11, 2018

April 12, 2018


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Event: Welcome to Heidelberg (12-02-2019) – Registration for MA Students



  • Registration and enrollment at the faculties and the university
  • Financing and fellowships
  • Initiatives for and by doctoral students
  • Transferable skills seminar program
  • Research proposal support (Exposé-Beratung)
  • Co-tutelle agreements
  • Arriving in Heidelberg
  • Visas and residence permits
  • Health insurance
  • Housing search

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