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Service Centre of the Graduate Academy
Seminarstr. 2
1st Floor, Room 135
69117 Heidelberg

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Academic and Professional Development

Seminarstr. 2
1st Floor, Room 135
69117 Heidelberg

Dr. Berenike Schröder

Telephone Icon 17x17 + 49 (0) 6221 54 - 19769

Welcome to Heidelberg

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May 8, 2019


2:00 pm Welcome by the Vice-President for Student Affairs and Teaching – Prof Dr. Beatrix Busse

Welcome and Introdcution by the Graduate Academy – Dr. Helke Hillebrand

Corner Talks
Graduate Academy:
    Service Point
    Seminar Program
    Academic Writing Support
    Research Proposal
Doctoral Students' Office
Doctoral Student Convention
Career Service
Graduate Schools: HBIGS, HGGS, HGSFP, MathComp

Informal Get-together

Registration form for doctoral students

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Location and Directions Schmitthennerhaus (in German)

Past events:

February 12, 2019, Karl Jaspers Centre, Voßstraße 2, Campus Bergheim


October 24, 2018, Marsilius Kolleg, Campus INF

July 11, 2018, Seminarzentrum D2, Campus Bergheim

April 12, 2018, HCA, Altstadt


Welcome to Heidelberg Event Registration form


Event: Welcome to Heidelberg (08-05-2019) – Registration for MA Students



  • Registration and enrollment at the faculties and the university
  • Financing and fellowships
  • Initiatives for and by doctoral students
  • Transferable skills seminar program
  • Research proposal support (Exposé-Beratung)
  • Co-tutelle agreements
  • Arriving in Heidelberg
  • Visas and residence permits
  • Health insurance
  • Housing search

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