The Psychology Subproject

Prof. Dr. Joachim Funke




Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Psychologisches Institut
Abteilung: Allgemeine und Theoretische Psychologie
Hauptstr. 47, Zimmer A 028
D- 69117 Heidelberg





Joachim Funke is Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Heidelberg University. He studied Philosophy, German Language and Literature and Psychology at the Universities in Basle (Switzerland) and Trier and worked as Assistant and Associate Professor at the Universities in Trier, Greifswald and Bonn. He was Marsilius Fellow in 2008/2009.


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Dorothee Amelung, Dipl.-Psych.




Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Psychologisches Institut
Hauptstr. 47
D- 69117 Heidelberg





Dorothee Amelung, born 1984 in Bonn, completed her degree in Psychology at the University of Marburg (2009), focussing on Industrial and Organisational Psychology. She was a research intern in the working group Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of Marburg,  (03-05/2007) and an exchange student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, studying Economics (09-12/2007). In May 2010, she joined the project “The Global Governance of Climate Engineering”, University of Heidelberg.




The project in brief:

The psychological subproject of Global Governance of Climate Engineering deals with risk assessment of climate change made by individuals within societies. Also, this part of the project addresses the question of how the decision for or against certain measures to tackle climate change is made. Related to that, we also seek to show how the processes of climate change are mentally represented in laypeople. Are the model-like ideas of naive individuals about climate change together with the underlying principles realistic? Which may be the implications of these ideas and principles?


Project Description Psychology


Project Publications:


Amelung, Dorothee (2012): Psychological and Social Risk Evaluation Criteria. In: Amelung, D. et al: Beyond calculation - Climate Engineering risks from a social sciences perspective, in: Forum Marsilius-Kolleg 02 (2012), S. 41 - 48, online unter:

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