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equal opportunities and diversity
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Fotolia 5582999 Xs 2 The 12.000 employees of the Heidelberg University come from different countries. Almost 6.000 of them are women. Furthermore, they belong to different age groups and have each their own life stories and life experience that enrich the cooperation at university.




Work Organization

Training of new employees (Ger)  

Flextime arrangement (Ger)  

Ideas Management (Ger)  

Personnel Division (Ger)

Staff Council (Ger)

Tele-commuting pilot project (Ger)



Disability Officer (Ger)  

Walksafe – More safety in Neuenheimer Feld (Ger/Eng)  

Commissioner of the Federal Government for the Concerns of Disabled Persons (Ger/Eng)


Competence Increasing

Zentrales Sprachlabor – Foreign language courses and Speech Training (Ger)  

Konfuzius-Institut Heidelberg (Ger)



Echo - Staff Council News (Ger)  

Newsletter Journal@RupertoCarola (Ger)  

Newsletter Equal Opportunities (Ger/Eng)

University Magazine Unispiegel  


Cultural Issues

Heidelberg Academic Philharmonic Orchestra (Ger)  

Heidelberg Anglistenchor  

Capella Carolina 

Collegium Musicum (Ger)

ESG-Chor Heidelberg (Ger)

Heidelberger Ärzteorchester (Ger)  

Theater im Romanischen Keller (Ger)

Students’ Theatre Group Idefix  

Uni-Kino (Ger)  



Heidelberg University Equal Opportunities Commissioner (Ger)

Equal Opportunities at Heidelberg University  



Vocational training at Heidelberg University (Ger)  

Internal educational opportunities (Ger)  



Rector’s Annual Report  

Progress Report of the Equal Opportunities Office (Ger/Eng)



Caring for relatives (Ger)Externer Inhalt

College Sports (Ger)

Concierge-ServiceExterner Inhalt

Children’s Centre at Heidelberg University  

Medical Services of the University Hospital and Heidelberg University (Ger)

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