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When you are preparing to enter university, you need to do more than just select your subject(s): You have to decide which “full programme” you are going to take before you apply or matriculate, respectively. Such a full programme consists of one or two subjects and the degree you are intending to earn (see below).

For example, Physics as a subject can be taken in two different ways – and with different requirements: either as a single subject to earn a Bachelor’s degree, or in combination with another, equally weighted subject with the goal of completing the state examination for Gymnasium (grammar school) teachers. In both cases the subject is Physics; however, the requirements you need to fulfil to complete the respective programmes differ in quantity.

Attention: As of winter semester 2007/08, Heidelberg University has converted from the Diplom and Magister programmes to the tiered Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Matriculation for Diplom or Magister programmes is not possible any longer.









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