Short-term studies for international students (no intention to graduate)

International applicants, who started their course of studies abroad and who wish to temporarily participate in complementary or specialised studies at Heidelberg University but do not wish to graduate from Heidelberg University, may be admitted for a maximum period of two semesters.

Applications for admission to short-term studies must be made in writing (online application not possible). Please choose the option “no formal degree“ as your "desired degree" in the application for admission.

In addition to the general application documents, applicants must also justify in writing the reasons for the intended short-term studies and submit a written confirmation of supervision from the respective department. Please contact the departmental student advisor(s) of the subject you are interested in to apply for a confirmation of supervision.

Written evidence of very high German language proficiency is a prerequisite for admission. If applicants cannot provide proof of an examination equivalent to the German language test for admission to universities (DSH), they will be required to take this test prior to enrolment at Heidelberg University. The successfully completed German language test (DSH) is not required for degree programmes taught in English. If German knowledge is not required for the short-term studies, this must be stated in the confirmation of supervision.

In order to participate in the application procedure, applicants must apply in due form by 15 January for the following summer semester and by 15 July for the following winter semester. The application period constitutes a statutory cut-off period. Application documents submitted to Heidelberg University after expiration of the application period will not be considered in the selection procedure.


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