Enrolment of admitted international students

Please note: Due to the current situation, enrolment at the University of Heidelberg in the summer semester 2020 will take place exclusively in writing.

After your arrival, we kindly ask you to send the required enrolment documents by post to the following address:
Universitätsverwaltung Heidelberg
Abteilung 7.1 / Immatrikulation
Seminarstraße 2
69117 Heidelberg
For your questions regarding your enrolment, please get in contact with us by e-mail or phone:
Tel.: +49 (0) 6221- 54 54 54


International students who have been admitted to study at Heidelberg University must personally enrol in the International Relations Office by the deadline specified in the letter of admission.

If your letter of admission requires the successful participation in an examination procedure, the respective examination (e.g. German language test for the admission to universities (DSH)) must be passed with the specified score. If you do not pass the examination, or do not achieve the required score, and have not been legally exempted, Heidelberg University will not enrol you in the degree programme specified in the letter of admission.

The documents typically required for enrolment are:

  • Application for admission
  • Letter of admission (see special cases below)
  • School leaving certificates and, where applicable, degree certificates relevant to admission (in the original)
  • 1 passport picture (separate)
  • Health insurance certificate for enrolment at the university issued by a statutory German health insurance provider or mandatory health insurance exemption certificate (access further information here)
  • Passport (students from countries that require a visa for Germany require a passport with a visa/residence permit for study purposes for the respective degree programme at Heidelberg University. Students who have an electronic residence permit must also submit the extension page listing all incidental provisions for successful enrolment.)
  • Other documents specified in the letter of admission, if applicable.

Please take all documents to the Service Portal at Heidelberg University (Seminarstraße 2, room 33).
The staff members can help you complete the enrolment application.

Final enrolment takes place in the Admissions Office for International Students (Seminarstraße 2, rooms 22-27).

For information on the semester fees and the additional tuition fees, if applicable, please click here.

Special Cases

International prospective students who have acquired a German higher education entrance qualification in Germany can apply online for enrolment in Bachelor study courses without admission restrictions and without an entrance examination, even without a previous application.This applies to in the first as well as in a higher subject related semester. The printout of the online enrolment application ( - see section "Zulassungsfreie Studiengänge) and the complete enrolment documents (see list above, except "letter of admission") must be submitted personally to the Admissions Office of the International Relations Department within the enrolment period.

For consecutive Master's degree programmes without admission restrictions or selection interview, international students with German university degrees may enrol in person in the Admissions Office of the International Relations Department during the given enrolment period - without prior application.

To enrol for the first or higher semester in these types of Master's degree programmes, additionally to the enrolment documents listed above (except "letter of admission") students must submit a certificate indicating that the undergraduate degree earned meets with the requirements stipulated in the admission regulations for admission to the specific Master's degree programme in question. This certificate will be issued by designated departmental representatives in the chosen Master's degree programme. Students are requested to contact these representatives directly.


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