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Exchange Student Guide

The Exchange Students’ Guide was developed to enable visitors to find the information they need in order to successfully plan, prepare for and perform their studies at our University. If you have any questions after reading this guide, we are ready to answer them.


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Exchange Student's Guide

1 Destination Heidelberg?

  • Heidelberg University
  • Academic Departments at Heidelberg University
  • Subject / Major Selection
  • General Structure of Studies
  • Language of Coursework/German Language Proficiency
  • What international students say about Heidelberg


2 Getting started

  • Important Dates to Plan your Stay
  • Applying to Heidelberg University
  • Arranging Accommodations
  • Residence Permits


3 Pre-Departure Preparation

  • Planning Health Coverage
  • Financial Planning
  • Getting in the Right Frame of Mind and Mood
  • Ready for Departure? –Final Packing Checklist


4 Arrival: Welcome to Heidelberg!

  • Transportation to Heidelberg
  • Your First Refuge in Heidelberg: The Triplex-Mensa Building
  • Housing Arrangements


5 Your First Few Days

  • International Relations Office
  • Registration with the City and Residence Permit
  • Health Care Coverage
  • Banking and Financial Considerations


6 Preparing for the Start of School

  • Preparatory German Language Course
  • Registering with the University
  • Getting a campus card
  • Orientation Days
  • Creating your own Schedule – Course Selection
  • Receiving Credits


7 Settling into the Community

  • Improving your German Language Skills during the Semester
  • University Library System
  • Setting up a computer account
  • Sports
  • Music, drama and the Arts
  • Excursions
  • Food


8 Before you leave

  • To-do List before returning home



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