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Things to Do Before You Return Home

  1. Cancel your room contract.
    If you wish to leave before the end of March or before the end of September, you have to give written notice Studentenwerk three months in advance in order to make sure that a new tenant can be found and you do not have to continue to pay the rent for your room. The form you need is available here:
    Information as to how to get your deposit back is available at the Studentenwerk.
  2. See your exchange coordinator and hand in your Scheine as well as a list of your courses if you need a transcript for your home institution.
  3. Deregister with the University (Exmatrikulation) 
    Fill out the form; let the University Library confirm on the form that you’ve returned all the books and hand in the form at the Akademisches Auslandsamt, room #27.
  4. Deregister with the city: Go to the one of the city's administrative office with your passport and tell them that you want to deregister as a resident. They will take care of all further steps.
  5. Cancel your health insurance (if you have health insurance cover from a German health insurance).
  6. Close your bank account.
  7. Make an appointment with the Hausmeister of your residence.
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